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Our goal at Hackney Baits is to offer high-quality soft plastics at an affordable price. The beauty of our custom baits is that we offer nearly any color combination that you can think of in several different styles.

Sheepshead Jigs

3 Pack 


1/2,3/8, 1/2 OZ   -   $5.99 +TX

3/4, 1 OZ   -   $6.49 +TX

Flounder Jigs

3 Pack


1/4 OZ-$4.50 +TX   3/8 OZ-$4.75 +TX

Eye Jigs

3 Pack 


1/8, 3/16, 1/4 OZ   -   $4.50 +TX

3/8 OZ   $4.75 +TX


Unfair Lures Product

We have to offer:


Various Lures




PrV Turbo Jigs

PrV Turbo Hooks

Crocodile Braid Line


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