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Ancient City Game Fish Association



The Ancient City Game Fish Association (ACGFA) was organized in 1958. Our Mission is to promote the sport of fishing in the St. Augustine area and do whatever is in our power to improve and promote recreational fishing in our area. The purpose is to promote the sport of fishing in our area, to be a leading force in improving fishing grounds and facilities, and continue to promote conservation of our local waters. We are a family group who enjoy fishing and good fellowship. We welcome any and all new members!




Veteran Garden Project



The Veteran Garden Project is a grass root nonprofit community service project inspired and started by a local veteran family that offers opportunities for veterans and families to heal through nature by getting outdoors, connecting with community, learn sustainable living practices, and the skills grow and harvest food while bringing awareness and finding solutions to local food scarcity and environmental challenges. 




Red Train Trolley Tours


The Red Trains are one of the oldest attractions in the state of Florida and boast a past as colorful as the trains themselves. The trains have operated continuously since 1953 and were born from the “Saint Augustine Trailer Train Wars” between H.L. “Slim” McDaniel and Joseph “Joe” McClure. The trains were incorporated in 1967 and later became the property of another Saint Augustine legend, Mr. A.H. “Hoopie” Tebault.

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