The WAVEWALK S4 Series

Wavewalk Series 4 (S4) $2570.00

The world's most stable and seaworthy fishing kayak and car-top skiff

Weighs only 98 lbs without a motor - Easy for one person to car-top

Length: 13 ft, Width: 38", Height: 17"

Carrying capacity (payload): 650 lbs

Outboard motor up to 6 HP

Can take up to three anglers and their fishing tackle on board

Works perfectly as a kayak or canoe

The WAVEWALK 700 Series

Wavewalk 700 Series $2180.00


Total Length: 154″  12’10” (391 cm)
Total Width: 31″ (79 cm)
Total Height: 17″
Total Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg) without accessories

Cockpit Length  92″  7’8″  (233 cm)


Hull Dimensions

Hull Width: 9″ (23 cm) x 2 hulls
Hull Height Below The Saddle: 9″ (23 cm)
Hull Tip Length From Cockpit To End: 30″   2’6″ (76 cm)


Saddle Dimensions

Total Saddle Height: 15″ up from the bottom of the hulls
Total Saddle Length: 90″ (228 cm)
Total Volume: 24 gallons (3 cubic ft / 90 liters) for the closed-wall part

Total Positive Buoyancy: (Net Flotation Capacity) 180 lbs (81 kg)


Load and Draft

Max Recommended Load: 580 lbs (263 kg)
Draft: 8″ at 580 lbs load (20 cm at 263 kg load)
Draft: 2.5″ at 200 lbs load

The Classic WAVEWALK 500 Series

Wavewalk 500 Series $1380.00

The patented twin-hull Wavewalk® 500 is stabler than any kayak except the W700. It enables you to paddle, motorize and fish standing in full comfort and confidence.
It is totally back pain-free »
The W500 offers you a bigger and drier storage space than any kayak does, except the W700.
It is the easiest for anyone to paddle even if they’re big, elderly, or not in great shape.
It tracks perfectly in strong wind, and it keeps passengers dry even in choppy water.
Mobility? With this new craft, you can launch, go, fish and beach where others can’t »
Solo or tandem? You get both, and sometimes more…
The W500 delivers unrivaled performance in paddling, fishing and motorizing »
Best value: This new watercraft is more versatile and user-friendly than kayaks are, and it doesn’t require that you spend money on costly accessories » 
The W500 weighs just 60 lbs, and it’s easy for one person to carry and car top »

The WAVEWALK Accessories

Wavewalk® Detachable Spray Shield: $140

For high speed motorizing in choppy water.


S4 Heavy Duty (HD) Motor Mounting Plate: $130


1.5″ thick. Made from Medium Density Overlay (MDO) and coated with urethane.
Each mounting plate ships with a pair of 5/16″, 3″ long bolts, and self locking nuts.
It takes a couple of minutes to attach this mounting plate to the boat: Just insert it into the molded-in stand for transom motor mount, drill two 5/16″ holes, and secure in place with the two bolts provided.

Fits 20″ long (L) propeller shafts

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